About HeLF

HeLF focuses on e-learning and technology enhanced learning as an aspect of institutional strategy in the following ways:
  • To act as an advisory body for national and governmental organisations on issues relating to e-learning institutional strategy and implementation. HeLF intends to be proactive in soliciting responses from such bodies and promoting the views of its membership. HeLF aims to represent the particular strategic e-learning interests of UK higher education in an authoritative and coherent manner.
  • To share knowledge on the strategic implications of developing and implementing e-learning. This includes comparing organisational structures in e-learning, and also roles and responsibilities of e-learning Heads, and liaising with other organisations involved in e-learning.
  • To support the processes by which e-learning strategy can be effectively created, and implemented, including advice, support and co-operation between members. HeLF has regular meetings, an active discussion list and takes its direction from a steering group of seven members, chosen to give a cross-sectional representation of UK HEIs.
The most current Terms of Reference came into effect on the 5th December, 2014. These are available from the following link: