The Heads of eLearning Forum (HeLF) is a network of senior staff engaged in promoting, supporting and developing technology enhanced learning (TEL). We have 140 nominated Heads from UK higher education institutions and a regular programme of well attended events.

Previous Meetings


Blending physical and virtual spaces


Big Projects: Big Data
e-Learning at Scale: Tensions for the Head of e-Learning
HeLF 10th Birthday Bash: Tensions for the Head of e-Learning

2012-13: Personalisation and identify (individual and institutional)

How can technology enable a sense of identity and personalisation of experience?
Personalisation of the Learning Experience using Mobile Devices
Personalisation of Assessment & Feedback

2011-12: Driving Change

Effectively navigating the cloud: The impact of externally hosted learning spaces
A sunny outlook....

Driving External Change
Driving Internal Change: Institutional approaches to digital literacies
The Impact of eLearning and eLearning Units on the Student Experience

Historical Record: Event Archive

The Event Archive, where we have the presentations, is available from:

The event dates and descriptions are below:
  • March 2011 Manchester Metropolitan University PGCerts and E-learning
  • November 2010 City University, London: Strategy, Efficiency and Resource Management: National Strategic Directions for Heads of E-Learning
  • June 2010 University of Birmingham Change in Learning – How have the spaces, places and times where learning occurs changed?
  • March 2010 University of the West of England Project and service management to facilitate change
  • November 2009 University of Strathcyde E-learning leadership during cultural and organisational change
  • June 2009 HE Academy York: Strategies and Perspectives for the Next Two Years
  • March 2009 University of Westminster: Changes in technology and organisations
  • November 2008 University of Edinburgh: Staff development and roles
  • June 2008 Higher Education Academy: Strategic Directions
  • April 2008 Coventry TechnoCentre: Social Software
  • November 2007 City University, London: Virtual Worlds
  • March 2007 Sheffield University: Real and Virtual Learning Spaces
  • November 2006 Nottingham Trent University: Perspectives on E-Assessment
  • May 2006 Higher Education Academy, York: e-publishing
  • February 2006 South Bank University: staff development
  • December 2005 Brunel University: e-portfolios
  • February 2005 University of Strathclyde
  • October 2004 University of Glamorgan
  • June 2004 Newcastle University
  • April 2004 City University
  • December 2003 University of Wolverhampton: Inaugural Meeting